Founded in 2016 by fews passionate of videos games, Bn-k has fast become the largest alternative marketplace to Steam, Origin, and Battle.net, with more than seven million loyal customers globally. bn-k mission is to create an ecosystem built around the gamer, rather than the publisher. To achieve this, Kinguin provides easy and secure access to games, innovative ways for gamers to trade and conduct commerce, new ways for developers to reach customers directly.

bn-k Mission is to create a gamer-centric ecosystem, where videogames, prepaid card and service can be bought at a fair price with minimal hassle. Our superior customer support provides the highest levels of satisfaction for our customers with superior fraud detection.

Our Marketplace Bn-k.comis a marketplace for gamers. Here developers sell games to wholesalers, merchants, and direct to customers. The merchants buy from wholesalers or developers and sell to consumers at fair market prices. In every case, great care is taken to ensure that customers get working product keys, and bn-k award-winning customer support team is always ready to help.

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