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In this time of great industrial progress tasks lie ahead of you: Bring in your region is not only the trains rolling, but organize the whole transport of all residents and many different goods. Fulfill the needs of citizens and watch as the cities grow dynamically in your region. You are the owner of a transport company and build on tracks and stations on the infrastructure of an entire region. Experience more than 150 years of exciting transport history and build trams, buses and of course railways. Experience firsthand the changing times in which not only the environment, but also the technology changed. With every decision you make, you affect the other players. What is more important to you: money and profit or well-being of your fellow citizens? Watch how to change the cities Train Fever is a building simulation with great, lovely details, a huge variety of vehicles and a unique dynamic development process. Each player has engaged immediately visible effects. Thus eg road junctions in the construction of tramways are automatically.

  • More than 50 realistic vehicles from over 150 years of history
  • High-quality 3D models
  • Comprehensive simulation of passengers and their daily routes
  • Randomly generated map with modifiable landscape in realistic dimensions
  • Free rotation and positioning of objects, roads, etc.
  • Automatic object adaptation during interventions by the player
  • free Zoom
  • Dynamic Urban Development from 1850 to the future
  • Custom Building Development
  • Two start times: 1850 or 1950

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