Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack


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Prepare yourself to enter a storm of intense, chaotic, team-based brawling. Unlock powerful, iconic heroes from every corner of Blizzard's epic universes and engage in the endless battle for glory, survival, and just plain fun... The Heroes of the Storm Starter Pack includes: five epic heroes (Zeratul, Li Li, Jaina, Zagara and Sonya), Ronin Zeratul skin, and Golden Tiger mount.

  • Storm epic battlegrounds: Discover the secrets of each battleground to maximise your chances of victory. Ghostly pirate ships, the fickle Raven Lord, and grave golems can be just as deadly as the opposing team. Adjust your strategy to the surroundings, or face crushing defeat.
  • Summon eternal heroes: Unlock the five epic heroes in this Starter Pack, then expand your collection by purchasing or unlocking additional heroes and villains from more than twenty years of Blizzard games.
  • Smash your enemies in style: Distinguish yourself in battle with dozens of unique heroes, skins, and mounts. Customise your hero's talents and abilities, then dish out ruin in the form of strafing frost wyrms, all-consuming hellfire, and so much more.

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